Malcesine St. Stephen’s Church

Wedding in Italian Church, Malcesine, Lake Garda

Beautiful main Church of Malcesine, situated in the centre of the town and just above the village.

WhereMalcesine, Lake Garda
CeremoniesYes, Roman Catholic
Boat accessNo

The main Church of Malcesine, built on roman ruins, stands tall in a large square, in one of the highest spots of Malcesine village.

On the area where the Church is now situated, was a Roman temple dedicated to the Goddess Cibele, mother of Nature and Earth.

It is surrounded by views of the lake, of the Castle and of the houses of Malcesine.

The facade is elegant and classic, and there is a large cobbled area at the front, perfect for taking pictures of the bride arriving with a wedding car. Inside the Church has one, impressive nave, a vaulted ceiling with awesome paint works and three beautifully decorated altars on each side.

Allthough it is centrally located, its secluded location, surrounded by trees, guarantees a peaceful and romantic atmosphere. There is an attractive portico by the side with a small grotto of Our Lady. The original bas relief are still visible along the side of the Church.

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