Listen, plan and manage

Romantic Italian Weddings

Every wedding is a unique event. At Beautiful Italian Weddings we treat every wedding as such: a very special day that is all about YOU.

We do not package weddings: your wishes will be guided by our expertise to create an unforgettable day.

All you have to do is make the decisions.


listening to your


We know you are looking for a professional that you can trust, as we in your chosen wedding destination. We take our commitments to couples very seriously and we know how much our clients rely on us. That’s why we are available all year round on Skype, Whatsapp and via email. 



If you are worried about the legal aspect of the organization of the wedding, stay cool. We are in constant touch with the different Embassies/Consulates and we will give you up-to date information in a clear way, so you will know what to do at your end while the Italian formalities will be dealt with by us.

managing all details surrounding

your wedding

You want your day to be everything you dreamed it would be, but you’re afraid that organizing a destination wedding in Italy might be difficult. That is where we come in.

From the moment you make initial contact with us, our approach will be about listening to what you have in mind, then we will guide you through all the different options in terms of venues and day planning.

At first you might have only tentative ideas, but soon enough you will see an unforgettable italian wedding take shape. You will discover that the splendid settings will help make the day uniquely special.


keeping the stress

at bay

You will find that planning a wedding abroad is actually fun and stress free with our help. Once you have chosen the location for your wedding ceremony and the venue for the reception, the next step will be to plan your stay and choose from our range of photographers, hairdressers, florists,  musicians and so on.

Having successfully organized more than 120 weddings, we have great event planning experience, and over the years we have created a network of trusted suppliers, working with trusted people with whom we have a collaboration that is the result of empathy and esteem.

We can ensure everyone and everything is where it needs to be, at the right time and in the right place.




We have developed a focused and organized approach to wedding planning: we will advise you far in advance on deadlines and provide to-do lists so that you can get organized in plenty of time.

Our italian background makes us full of imagination and creative ideas, our working approach is clever, flexible and efficient.




And what about your wedding guests? we know that you won’t relax until you know that they are happily booked and ready to go – that’s why we can act as concierges.

Your guests can email us with questions regarding suitable accommodation, transfers etc.
We are a fully licensed Travel Agency (Melsinea Viaggi) so we can organize excursions, cookery lessons and wine tasting experiences. Other ways of entertaining your guests is to organize pre wedding cocktail parties or lunchtime cruises to get everyone to mix.


make it


A few days before the wedding we will meet to go over the final arrangements and after that you will be free to enjoy your guests’ company and look forward to an outstanding, stylish and incredibly romantic wedding day.

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