Countryside newly – refurbished villa sorrounded by wineyards

Wedding in ancient Villa, Valpolicella, Verona

This exquisitely proportioned neoclassical villa is set in the famous wineyards of Valpolicella, home of the fine and intense Amarone wine.

This Villa is the perfect setting for an elegant yet relaxed wedding immersed in the italian wine – producing countryside.

It has a grand dining salon decorated with ornate stuccos and frescos, and a romantic italian garden with a lake, which is a perfect setting for picturesque cocktail party and dinner.

WhereArbizzano-Santa Maria, Valpolicella
Boat accessNo

The villa has been restored to its former splendour by a famous family of winemakers, to house the headquarters of their excellent wine cellar.

The estate consists of a main building with two lower advancing wings, which frame the front of the villa, with its gardens, its ground and its elegant entrance.

The villa is sorrounded by its large park and nearby are the vineyards from which the famous Amarone and Valpolicella Classico wines are produced. In the park there is also a romantic pond with an island, accessible by a little wooden bridge.

The front garden is perfect for the unmissable cocktail hour, whilst dining can be in the gardens or in the grand salon. At night the front of the villa is beautifully floodlit and creates a facinating effect.

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